Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone Wedding Gown

It seems that being a wedding gown designer was bred into Claire Pettibone as a young girl when she attended a wedding at the age of 4 and decided she wanted to make wedding gowns.  Growing up in New York City, she ended up going to and graduating from the Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles with a degree in fashion design.

Her first big success was in the Beverly Hills area, where, with her husband, she launched her first designs to rave reviews.  Years later she established her credibility throughout the entire country with another show in New York City.  Her designs are so exclusive that, even though they’re all over the world, only 29 stores have licenses to market them new, including her own salon in Beverly Hills, Claire Pettibone Flagship.

Claire Pettibone Fashion Show

Pettibone’s wedding dress style is reminiscent of styles from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Many of her creations could stand alone as evening gowns, but that doesn’t mean their simplistic.  They have a very comfortable looking style, soft and flowing, with lace and embroidery touches.  She makes them with all styles of sleeves and necklines, and tends to stay away from tight bodices.  These dresses move with the brides, so no stiff satin wedding gowns for her.  You might have layered dresses, dresses with flowers, even ruffles, and there’s nothing saying her wedding dresses will all be white, or at least pure white.

As a matter of face, her 2010 Cherry Blossom collection of wedding gowns had a mixture of muted whites and shimmering dresses that almost looked like silver, with beautiful touches of lace netting and embroidery.  One of the dresses even had a thin red belt, while another flaunted a big pink flower in the middle of the bodice area, which included a pink belt and a pink tassle; talk about taking chances!  Yet, it all fit, and that’s what makes Pettibone a favorite wedding dress designer.

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